Meet  Our Amazing Team


Boss of all things


This dynamic dynamo has been running the Amazing Art Studio for 18 years! She takes care of the studio and even has a second business as a health coach. She is the go to person for any question and would love to hear from you. 


Head People Jedi and Chief Troublemaker


Daniel is a people rockstar who is here to help with any project! He has worked in HR and is a pretty amazing artist himself. Come visit him to learn all sorts of awesome new art techniques.


Kiln Guy


You might see this elusive person behind the scenes taking care of your projects from dipping to baking in the kiln room! Be sure to wave hi and check our his and Meg's posters all over the Kiln room!


Our Lady of Misc Stuff and Digital Whatnot


Meg does everything from studio stuff and kiln work to running all our social media, emails, and this website! Reach out to her about jobs or questions about our events! She is a total geek, a hufflepuff, and used to work at Disney world! Ask her about her dogs!

Coming Soon Neon Light

Operations Ninja and Artist Wrangler


Coming Soon

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Want to join our team? We are always looking for amazing new people! Reach out to Meg and Julya with your:

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Please reach out with any questions to the email or phone number below

(301) 355-6830