What if I'm not artistic?

Here's a secret - you don't need to be! We have tons of cool tricks, tips and amazing techniques that will help your art work come out just the way you want it.  The fun part is in getting to make it yourself!

For what ages are your art projects designed?

Our Amazing Art Projects are designed for the whole family from kids to parents to grandparents to great-granparents - everyone is welcome. Did you know baby footprints and little (or big!) kid handprints can make great gifts?

Do I need a reservation?

Never!  Our Walk-in area is open during regular store hours for anyone who wants to come in and do art. Groups of 6 or more, may call ahead & let us know the date & time they prefer so that we can try to hold a large table or tables together - but please remember that our walk in area is first come, first served but we'll do our best.  

Do you have a sitting fee or a studio fee?

No, our prices are inclusive of studio time and supplies.  You are welcome to create for as long as you want.  If you are unable to finish your project in one visit you can come back another day to finish for only a $5 return visit fee.

How long does it take to get my piece back?

Low-fire earthenware and glass pieces are guaranteed in one (1) week.   Stoneware pieces may take up to ten (10) days.  Rush fees can apply for shorter turn around.  Some pieces are available to take home the same day.

Can I bring in piece I bought elsewhere to paint/fire?

The Amazing Art Studio guarantees its fired pieces.  If anything goes wrong, we will replace the piece at no charge.  Since we cannot be sure of products that are purchased elsewhere, we would not know whether or not they are compatible with our process or if there is a flaw in the production of the piece.  Therefore, we would have to fire outside pieces by themselves and charge accordingly.  We would also only be able to fire them if there is room in our schedule to devote a full kiln load to the piece(s).  

Have a question & can't find the answer?

CALL - during our business hours 301-355-6830 and one of our amazing employees will help you.

EMAIL - or by using the form on the contact us page! 


Are you still open? 

We are now open for first come first serve in studio art! 
We are also open for Pick-up if you want to take an art project to go!

When will we be able to return our projects?

Drop off between 12 pm - 7 pm any day of the week.

I'm confused about a part of my project how do I contact you?

Feel free to reach out via our contact us page here on our website, Facebook's messenger, or call us!