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How to Create Fused Glass

Create an amazing piece of glass art in 3 simple steps!


1. Choose your base (squares, rectangles or circles of dif. sizes).

2. Decorate with different shapes, sizes, and colors of glass

3. Leave with us to be fused together into a shape of your choice!


NO NEED TO TAKE A CLASS - YOU CAN FUSE GLASS ANYTIME! For first-timers, we take you through an orientation (we may not be able to give this during the weekend) to teach you how to score and break glass. However, pre-cut glass is also available. You then arrange your design on top of a base and drip glue down when finished. We will then fuse it together and "slump" into a shape for you. Your piece will be an amazing work of art!


Please note that due to the fact that we are working with glass, all children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Scoring and breaking of glass is restricted to kids ages 10 & up. Kid safe glass and pre-cut glass can be used by ages 6+.

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