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To-Go Parties

At the Amazing Art Studio, you design the perfect party for your at-home event!

First, please let us know if this will be a socially distanced party at one location (like your house), or a long-distance party in multiple places.

Then, choose type of art:

Glazed & Fired - Ceramics with a high shine finish. Artists paint and bring back to studio for firing. Individual or group pick-up after one week. 

Acrylic Painting - Ceramics with a matte finish. Artists paint and get to keep. Can bring back to studio for spray and glitter if desired.


Canvas PaintingYou choose a design. Supplies come with step-by-step instructions for the chosen design. No need to return project.

Board Art - Wood plaques decorated with paint stain and vinyl designs (like stick-on stencils). No need to return project.

Once you have decided on a project type, give us a call at (301) 355-6830 to schedule your pick-up!

Please ask about our Zoom room parties with live instruction and guidance from our Studio staff!

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