At the Amazing Art Studio, you design the perfect party for your at home event!

First please let us know if this will be a socially distanced party at one location (like your house) or a long-distance party in multiple places.

then choose your type of artwork:

Glazed & Fired - Artists apply color & bring back for glazing & firing. These projects need to be returned to the studio to be fired then picked up later.

Acrylic Painting - Apply color and your artwork gets to stay home no need to return your piece!  Pieces can apply glitter or no glitter shine to taste.

Canvas Painting - Instructions will lead you through step-by-step instructions for your chosen design. No need to return your project.

Board Art Party - Stain your own board and create the perfect piece for your home. No need to return your project.

Please keep in mind that these do not include a zoom room or instruction with one of our staff -  please check out our zoom parties for that!