Pottery To-Go Kits

Pottery to Go!

Choose your color palette - brights, pastels, or custom. We will include one set of 6 colors per project. Additional sets may be purchased for $2. Brushes included!

Return pieces to be glazed & fired OR choose acrylic paints with no return (unless you want us to spray & glitter!).

Pre-made Pottery Kits

Please Stay Gnome

Pick one of these amazing sets for a discounted price of $58 
(normally worth $72+)

Included are three themed pieces, 2 sets of paint, paintbrushes, and some mod podge to create shine. No need to return.

Please stay gnome everyone! We want you to stay home and have something fun to create. To add some amazing fun to your time at home we created this gnome kit with a little over 15% savings!

Included in kit is the project you choose, instructions, paint, brushes, etc