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Private Party Room

Step 2 - Decide on a project

Each guest may choose their own type of artwork or everyone can do the same - however, we suggest no more than two types (so, more time partying and less time receiving instructions). Additionally, we are happy to create a custom package just for your group if requested. Participants may pay separately or all together - it's up to you!

Choose from:

Glazed & Fired - Ceramics with a high shine finish. Artists paint and leave for a week to be fired. Individual or group pick-up.


Acrylic - Ceramics with a matte finish. Sprayed with gloss and glitter. Project goes home same day! 


Fused Glass (Ages 12+) - Create a unique piece using glass! Artists glue design on base & leave for a week to be fired. Individual or group pick-up. 

Canvas PaintingYou choose a design prior to your party. We will lead artists through project, step by step. Project goes home same day!

Board Art - Wood plaques decorated with paint stain and vinyl designs. Project goes home same day!

Individual Choice - Each participant may choose any project in the store that they can complete in the party time.  

Step 3 - Pick your date/time

Check availability and book your party here!

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