20 Giveaways of 2020 

Every year we do a giveaway to give something back to this amazing community that does so much for us. We know this year has been especially hard for everyone so we decided instead of our normal 12 days we are going to add in 8 more giveaways celebrating the end of 2020!

This event starts 11/23/2020 and the last giveaway will end 1/2/2021. 

How does it work?

  1. Head to our Facebook page - all of the giveaways are there

  2. Like our page

  3. Look for the current giveaway - each one has 36 hours to enter to win

  4. Comment on the project's video and tag a friend (no tag backs you must tag someone new).

  5. That's it! We will randomly select a winner for each project and tag you back on Facebook so you know you've won! Both you and the person you tagged will win the project!

Enter Now

I won! What now?

  1. Come into the studio with your ID to do your project! It must be the winner who creates the projects so make sure you have your ID to prove it is you!

  2. Come in before 1/11/2021 (that is the last date you can do your free project)

Thank you all so much for helping us during this difficult time. We so appreciate all your support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Remember to support the small businesses you love this holiday season!